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Complete Maintenance Kit Experience

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Our comprehensive kit includes Cimel™ Maintenance, Cimel™ Dry Skin Repair and Cimel™ Outdoor Hydrator.

Download our At Home Professional Use brochure here.

Cimel™ Maintenance Cream

Cimel™ Maintenance is a mask that increases skin radiance, tightens pores and enhances skin tone.  

Cimel™ Maintenance is used after Cimel™ Activator skin peel to brighten your skin and improve signs of aging. It may also be used as a pre-peel agent before using Cimel™ Activator.

Cimel™ Maintenance is suitable for skin phototypes I-VI.

Cimel™ Maintenance contains retinol, phyllanthus emblica and kojic acid.

Cimel™ Dry Skin Repair

Cimel™ Dry Skin Repair is a recovery cream that provides deep hydration, relieves redness, soothes itchiness associated with post-peel dryness (as well as waxing), and replenishes the moisture barrier of the skin.

Cimel™ Dry Skin Repair is suitable for all skin types (Phototypes I-VI).

Cimel™ Dry Skin Repair contains arnica montana, phytic acid, Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), ruscus aculeatus extract and ginkgo biloba.


Cimel™ Outdoor Hydrator

Cimel™ Outdoor Hydrator is a specially formulated cream that protects photosensitive, extremely dry skin from environmental stressors after a chemical peel.  During this period, skin is overly sensitive to light, even from television, laptop, mobile phone, let alone the sun.

Cimel™ Outdoor Hydrator is suitable for all skin types (Phototypes I-VI).

Cimel™ Outdoor Hydrator contains shea butter, titanium dioxide, rosehip oil and citric acid.